​Benefits of using ALLELOcarb™ 

a. ALLELOcarb™ enriches the earth by its very presence. Healthy microbes in the soil break down and digest ALLELOcarb™. Their digesting process adds carbon (C12), to the soil. ALLELOcarb™ provides raw carbon for your plants; it is an element vital to their growth. Carbon and the organic products created from carbon are the producers of life in our food chain. Weather the plants are used for food or they are used to beautify our lives, each plant needs a highly concentrated source of carbon to survive. Studies were conducted by the University of California, Davis that verified that the use of raw materials, like ALLELOcarb™, added to the soil, increased the Biomass of their test plants.

 b. The same U of C Davis research also demonstrated that our material wards off the effects of an allelopathic attack, that is, one plant releasing a toxin through its roots to displace a competitive plant from the surrounding soil.  

c. Our product is used to reclaim spoiled soil making it useful again. ALLELOcarb™ adsorbs many manmade organic toxins, imprisoning them to naturally decay into carbon dioxide, ammonia and water. 

d. This media is used as an agar that provides a nursery for the germination of Orchid seeds. The media has also been used as an agar for the germination of Abyssinian banana seeds, an important food crop in Ethiopia. Graminoids (grass) thrive when ALLELOcarb™ is mixed into the soil; the seeds germinate forming a strong and highly-webbed root system. 
e. When transplanting and repotting a plant, ALLELOcarb™ will shield your plant from gasses and toxins that could be in the new soil and will provide a source of carbon for the plant.

f. The product is also a cornucopia that holds food for the surrounding plant life. As does the horn of plenty, ALLELOcarb™ adsorbs and holds onto the natural nutrients, already in the soil. The material’s relatively massive surface retards the escape of precious food from the soil.  

g. ALLELOcarb™ heals sick compost by adsorbing the gasses created by fermentation. This feature permits better control of the pH of freshly minted compost decreasing the time the manure has to be stored before use. 

ALLELOcarb™ bringing the sweetness of nature to life.