ALLELOcarb™ GC is a cost effective product producing similar results to that of our original ALLELOcarb™ G product. The benefits of using ALLELOcarb™ GC are similar to that of the original ALLELOcarb™ G but at a reduced cost.  

Several tests were run where grass (a mixture of graminoids) were germinated and permitted to grow in EarthGro Potting Soil (Control), EarthGro with10 percent our ALLELOcarb™ G added, and EarthGro with 10 percent ALLELOcarb™ GC mixed into the potting soil. The results of a typical test are shown at the following ALLELOcarb™ test 7 link. We welcome you to test our product; currently we are providing an introductory 1 pound container available on EBay under ALLELOcarb™ GC a natural and organic soil conditioner.

Our product is also available in our ALLELOcarb™   store. 
ALLELOcarb™ bringing the sweetness of nature to life.