ALLELOcarb™ G is a bonding agent for people desiring positive results from sodding or planting grass. Our product achieves the following:

Our product absorbs organic toxins in your soil. Toxins include gasoline, oil, and antifreeze, herbicides, pesticides and other organically based hydrocarbons as well as other radicalized carbon based compounds.

Detoxification of your soil provides a good understructure for the newly sodded or planted grass to burrow into and spread through as the grass matures.

Our product is granular, the gritty nature of our product retards soil packing permitting the roots to grow out and round out to their full potential. 

The 12 by 40 mesh size of our granulated material are very hard and do not deteriorate quickly provide a mulch like quality in your soil.
Our product retains water keeping the soil pliable so that water is allowed to pass to the bottom of the roots and then be retained to satiate the plants thirst.  

The slow deterioration of our product allows the absorbed toxins to oxidize and become less harmful in your soil.

As the granulated material breaks down the raw carbon is released into the soil. Microorganisms living in the soil dine on the carbon. They convert the carbon into complexes used by the plants as food.

ALLELOcarb™ is Aspirin for Plants! 
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Application Information:

Before laying sod or sowing grass spread the ALLELOcarb™ G over the area to be planted and then raked into the soil. A 14 pound bag covers about 10 square feet of sod.