“I was out of town for a month and when I returned my garden was as beautiful as when I left.  Thank you!�

Jane Smith
Menlo Park, CA
ALLELOcarb™ is protection for the working ecosystem of your soil (5% Organic Matter). Our product is an adsorptive material rich in elemental carbon that protects the germinating plant allowing that plant to take root in the soil. Soil needs organic compounds and live microbes to thrive to become a reliable habitat for the plants you want to grow. Because ALLELOcarb™ is rich in elemental carbon it is a food for the microbes and worms that make up the ecosystem of your garden. By adding our product to your soil you provide protection for the plants against toxins and food for the organisms that feed your plant from their waste as they digest the carbon and adsorbed waste transforming it into useful nourishment for your plants.
ALLELOcarbâ„¢ bringing the sweetness of nature to life.