About Us
Our company, established in 1986, is an environmentally based water treatment supply and service organization.  We have supplied water and waste water systems providing our customers with solutions to their most demanding treatment problems. 

Our business is the design and manufacturing of water treatment systems, from this background we decided to look into ways to recycle one particular adsorbent material used in our purification processes. After researching the use of this material, we came to the conclusion that the highest and best use was to recycle it instead of disposal. We then began testing to verify the veracity of this material as a soil additive, and the results of these tests are exciting. We call this product ALLELOcarb™ because the name describes one of the benefits of our material; it blocks the intrusion of harmful toxins from surrounding plants. Because of the positive test results we decided to market this product under the name ALLELOcarb™ G. We welcome you to test our product to see if your garden, lawn or field will also benefit. Please visit our product page and begin your test.

Using this natural weed control product, you can take advantage of the natural process of allelopathy to keep your lawn and plants in optimum condition.

ALLELOcarb™ is Aspirin for Plants!